Silent Diesel Gensets

We provide silent diesel gensets with 70 % DB sound level and are in the guideline of India’s Supreme Court norms. These Silent Diesel generators/ Soundproof generator van is weatherproof, environmentally friendly, compact in design and comply with the most stringent CPCB norms. These Silent Diesel Gensets are fitted with fuel efficient Cummins engine coupled with high-class STAMFORD alternator.

 Silent Diesel Generator Features:

  1. High fuel efficiency: Low fuel consumption at a leading level than other competitive products.
  2. The turbocharger with waste gated design: Optimizes operation across the torque curve resulting in excellent low-end torque.
  3. Compacted yet durable and dependable engine: Cummins engines contain up to 40% fewer parts than competitive engines in its class. This results in a better wer-to-weight ratio, a less chance of failure and lower repair cost.
  4. Advanced design and manufacturing: Make the engine delivers superior performance and lower cost than competitive engines.
  5. Excellent cold start performance: Optional assistant cold starter with improved 6.6KW starter and intake air heater.
  6. Excellent performance and advantage: Adopt advanced design to achieve higher horsepower and lower weight.
  7. Big enough free maintenance battery, world famous brand.
  8. Packing with Strong and thick enough WOOD CASE to protect the generator during long transportation.
  9. Every spare part is personally handpicked from reputed vendors to stringent quality approach.
  10. From the engine to the whole genset, we test every part of the product, and we also have test machinery and test center.



Sound Proof Generator Van

Soundproof Diesel Generator van on rental basis ranging from 5 K.V.A to 1000 K.V.A. it can reach the site within 1hr in Mumbai, India and can be used for an emergency purpose like short circuit or fire etc. we also provide it for a wedding ceremony, exhibition, film shooting or as per the party needs